Chef Dale MacKay cooking demo and Q&A – 4th May, 2019



Friends of the Vanderhoof Community Foundation Event –

January 10, 2019

The Board of Directors wishes to thank the 30 Community Members that accepted our invite to the first “Friends of the Vanderhoof Community Foundation (VCF)” Event.  The purpose of this evening was to share information on the VCF and encourage participants to share the word about the organization and particularly the Grant program and the upcoming Chef Dale MacKay fundraiser with their networks.  We also asked for and received some excellent input on ways to make our organization better.  We received suggestions on fundraising ideas, event suggestions as well as developing an approach to securing donations through wills, estates and life insurance policies.

We ended the evening by sharing some appetizers and refreshments.  Having received some excellent feedback from this event, we plan to do this on annual basis.


Annual General Meeting

13 December, 2018

Directors:  Kathie LaForge – President, Roy Spooner – Vice President, Ken Simon – Treasurer, Fiona Lamprecht – Secretary,  Ruth McIntosh, Mary Burkholder, Priscilla Mueller and Shelley Funk.

Financial Report:  Assets totaled $226,986 (Operating Fund – $4,111 and Capital in Trust Account – $200,830 and Stability Fund including amount available to grant – $22,045) as of 31 August, 2018 year end.

Director’s Report:

During 2018, the Board accomplished the following:

  • purchased appropriate Directors and Officers as well as Comprehensive Liability Insurance;
  • met with Sinclar Group to discuss payroll deductions and possible matching;
  • met with School District #91 Board to present the concept of allowing employees to donate to the Vanderhoof Community Foundation (VCF) via payroll deductions.  This request was subsequently approved and we will be meeting with School District Staff in the coming year to introduce our organization and explain sign up procedures to interested staff;
  • Directors developed forms necessary to begin a granting program in 2019;
  • changes were made to our bylaws to give more flexibility in certain areas;
  • arranged for Chef Dale MacKay to be our Guest Speaker at our next fundraiser in May of 2019 and obtained confirmation from Four Rivers Co-Op of their willingness to provide $5,000 towards sponsoring this event;
  • with the help of Brad McRobert, Regional Manager, Regional Economic Operations, we were able to get our Foundation added to the list of potential charities that Provincial Employees could donate to through their payroll as part of the Provincial Employees Community Services Fund;
  • secured the service Chris Wingham to act as our legal counsel on a pro-bono basis;
  • received a $500 donation from the Doctors and Staff at the Omineca Clinic;
  • applied for funds from the District of Vanderhoof’s Grant in Aide program to cover travel and registration costs for two people to attend the Community Foundations Canada Conference in Victoria in June 2019;
  • held a Strategic Planning session in November 2018 to help focus our efforts for the next two years.

During 2019, the Board will be focusing its attention on:

  • Launch of a successful Grant Program
  • Ensure the Dale MacKay event is successful in spreading the word of the Foundation and raising funds for the Foundation.
  • Meeting with School District Staff to ensure that interested individuals get signed up for payroll donations
  • Identifying and contacting potential corporate donees
  • Raising the awareness of donations through wills and/or legacies
  • Presenting to the District of Vanderhoof Council and Regional District Area F Director an update on our progress to date

Annual General Meeting: 

17 December, 2017

Directors:  Kathie LaForge – President, Roy Spooner – Vice President, Ken Simon – Treasurer, Fiona Lamprecht – Secretary, Rosalie Nichiporuk, Jody Pederson, Ruth McIntosh, Suzanne Campbell, Mary Burkholder, Priscilla Mueller and two vacancies.

Financial Report:  Assets totaled $183,412 (Operating Fund – $919 and Capital in Trust Account – $182,493) as of 31 August, 2017 year end. ($25,000 from Northern Development Initiatives Trust received after year end).

$7,263 is held in the Stability Reserve and the Board may decide to use some or all of these funds to start their Granting Program.

Director’s Report:

During 2017, in addition to Director recruitment, we developed a promotional brochure, a website and a Facebook page.  We introduced our organization to the community at the Vanderhoof Trade Show, the Fall Fair and the Vanderhoof Community Forum.

During 2018, the Board will be focusing its attention on:

  • Director Recruitment
  • Purchase of Director Liability and Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • Marketing Strategy to build our Trust Account.
  • Review of Constitution and Bylaws
  • A Fundraising Event
  • Develop a Grant Program

Brian Minter – Saturday, 14 October, 2017


The Vanderhoof Community Foundation is pleased to report that the gardening event featuring Master Gardener Brian Minter, from Minter Country Garden Ltd in Chilliwack, BC and a regular on CBC Almanac was a roaring success.

We sold 168 tickets to this event.

This event generated $4,288 in net income.

Thank you once again to our generous sponsors for this event :

Four Rivers Co-Op – Major Event Sponsor          

  •  Jim’s Your Independent Grocer’s Greenhouse    
  •  Ben Atkins, Atkins Greenhouse             
  •  Little Green Thumb Greenhouse          
  •  Lepoidivin’s Greenhouse