The Fitness Challenge Event

The Fitness Challenge was started in 2020 in response to the issue around Covid where people were staying home more and becoming less active. The event was developed as a Fundraiser for the Foundation, but we were more interested in giving people a reason to get more active. The event was a huge success with us raising an amazing $8,437 by 30 groups that ran, walked, biked and paddle a total of 33,386 km. The feedback was extremely positive so we decided to try this again in 2021.

Our 2021 Event was just as successful, with $7,820 raised by 197 participants and over 39,000 km were recorded. This clinched it for us and we decided to make this an annual event. We had many businesses donate items for our gift baskets which was a great addition to our event and we really appreciated their support!

See our Facebook group for details on our 2022 Event and subsequent events.