Why Donate


Vanderhoof and area is home and you want to give back to your community for all it has provided you over the years.

Community Investment

You want to see this area grow, not just in size, but in programs and services that will attract new residents and ensure that those here choose to stay.

Support Locally

You want to support an organization that is home grown with little to no overhead, ensuring that your donation stays working in your community in perpetuity.

Create a Legacy

You want your children and grandchildren to be proud of the community you have helped build.

Honour Another

You want to honour a loved one to recognize them for all they have done for you and your community.

Set an Example

You represent a business or organization that has benefited from our community and want to leave a legacy that will keep on giving even after you are gone.

Tax Receipts

All donations over $20 are eligible to receive an official “donation tax receipt.”