2021 Grant Program Recipient – Vanderhoof Hospice Society receives funds to assist with the delivery of a “Rainbows” program in Vanderhoof

The Vanderhoof Community Foundation is pleased to announce the final recipient of our 2021 Grant Program.

The Vanderhoof Hospice Society is a community charity providing assistance for those who are dying and their families by offering companionship, practical assistance and bereavement support. As part of this assistance, they are offering a peer-based, nationally recognized grief support program called “Rainbows” in partnership with Connexus Community Resources, to train local volunteers.  The Vanderhoof Community Foundation has agreed to provide $1360 towards the cost of this program delivery.

The Foundation recognizes that the Covid Pandemic has many people in our community grieving the loss of a family member or friend.  We understand that for every COVID death there will be nine deeply affected who could benefit from grief supports.  Add this to those experiencing loss from a separation, divorce, death or other painful transition and we believe that these skills will be in very high demand.

Chris Mushumanski and Valerie Pagdin representing the Vanderhoof Hospice Society.

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