2021 Grant Recipient – Nechako Valley Search & Rescue receives grant for PPE for Incident Command

The Vanderhoof Community Foundation (VCF) is pleased to announce another grant recipient for 2021.

The Nechako Valley Search & Rescue (NVSAR) group in Vanderhoof is a volunteer program providing search and rescue, recovery and evacuation notice deliveries for Vanderhoof area as requested by the RCMP, BC Ambulance, Coroner Services or a Local Government.

It is critical that the Search and Rescue team and others involved with a particular mission be able to easily identify those in charge to ensure faster and safer responses and potentially save more lives. Incident Command Vests will assist with the efficiency and effectiveness of their role in coordinating these events.

President Chris Walker says, “the Incident Command Vests help clearly identify the roles people are filling in management of a search and rescue operation. It provides a clear understand of chain of command and who is in charge of what, which then assures the public and our searchers that a knowledgeable, professional and safe team are managing the situation.”

Chris Mushamanski and Chris Walker (NVSAR) and Kathie LaForge (VCF)

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