Provincial Employee supports Foundation through their Community Services Fund

Left to Right: Brad McRobert and Kathie LaForge

Provincial Employee supports the Vanderhoof Community Foundation through the Provincial Employees’ Community Services Fund (PECSF)

Brad McRobert is the Regional Manager at the Rural Development office in the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development in Vanderhoof.  This year Brad chose the Vanderhoof Community Foundation as his charity of choice for donation through the Provincial Employees’ Community Services Fund (PECSF) annual pledge drive.

PECSF is the Province of British Columbia’s unique employee-driven workplace giving program.  Started by caring, community-minded public servants in 1965, it has raised over $45 million for charities throughout the province.  During the fall awareness campaign and pledge drive, public servants from across the province coordinate fun workplace events to encourage employees to donate to their favourite charity and are encouraged to support their charity of choice over the coming year with one-time donations or payroll deductions.

“Donating to the Vanderhoof Community Foundation was important to me because my donation stayed in the local community to support projects that impact close to home and improve the community for me and my family.   As a leader of a local youth programme, I understand that grants and funding awards can make a big difference for charities and not-for-profit organizations.  I’m excited to be able to help to support local projects that improve the quality of life in our local area.”

Kathie LaForge, President of the Vanderhoof Community Foundation wishes to thank Brad and any other Provincial Employees that may have signed up for this program for choosing the Foundation as their charity of choice.  The income earned on the funds we receive and invest, is returned to the community, through our granting program, to support various projects aimed at making Vanderhoof and Area a better place to live.  Today, Tomorrow and Forever!  For more information on our Foundation, check out our website at or our Facebook page – Vanderhoof Community Foundation

If you are a Provincial Government employee in the Vanderhoof area and would like to learn more about the PECSF or donate to the Vanderhoof Community Foundation through this program, you can contact Brad at the Regional Economic Operations, Vanderhoof Office or call 250-847-0856.

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